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Old Hong Kong

A Bit of History...


The egg waffle, known in Cantonese as "gai daan zai”, is a treasured Hong Kong street snack that has acquired legendary status. It’s origins are lost in time but it was rumoured to have emerged as a post-war response to rationing. The egg waffle was seen as a hardy & nutritious way to keep full in those lean years.


As time went on and as the egg waffle became a Cathay institution it made the global leap and soon became known as the Bubble Waffle, for its little pockets of air. In the East it is usually served plain but in the West while the shape & form is maintained, with help of iron moulds, it soon began to be paired with gelato and other delicious toppings. It is on its way to becoming a global desert, Hong Kong’s gift to the World!

Making Bubble Waffles
Makig Bubble Waffles
Bubble Waffle

The Traditional Recipe


The waffles are made on an egg waffle maker, the magic batter is poured in when the machine is heated and flipped over.  The waffle is good to go in under two minutes.

Our Twist


Now that the history lesson is over, it's time for us to show you the fun part.  By using our premium-quality premium Belgian batter mix, every single order is freshly cooked and served warm with gelato, fruits, nuts, and a range of sauces. The idea is to start with a plain waffle base, pick a gelato of choice and top it off with a selection of our toppings.  You can even have it completely plain if you wish! There are no limits.  We're here to make your perfect dessert.

Our Inspiration


Our very first shop opened in Cambridge in December 2017.  We wanted the locals to feel like our shop was special to Cambridge and so, we decided to name our six main combos after the illustrious scientists that Cambridge is renowned for.

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